Slope Brook Farms Vegetable Stand started on route 537 East as a wagon with tomatoes, sweet corn, squash and a few other garden favorites. Over the past 20 years Thomas Orgo has really concentrated on his sweet corn! Our customers come from all over for his delicious yellow, white and bycolor sweet corn.

We still raise other vegetables too, which can by purchased from our road side stand under the green tent at Mercer Road and 537 in front of the Hominy Hill Golf Course! Slope Brook will open in the summer of 2014 and be open until October 31. In October, Slope Brook has gourds, corn stalks, mums and decorations for your whole front yard to celebrate the Fall. We have pick your own pumpkins and free hayrides too.
Seasonal Produce
Everything at SLOPE BROOK is Jersey Fresh!
Slope Brook Farm,Inc.
We are proud to grow
                    our own pumpkins.